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  • enforce an agreement or contract or avoid a contract that was created or performed unfairly, in a misleading or deceptive way or as a result of undue influence or unconscionable conduct
  • lease, rent , convey, buy or sell a Business, Real Estate, or personal or intellectual property
  • create a will or testamentary trust
  • litigate or commence or defend a legal action
  • assert or defend your legal rights
  • exercise or question the power of a government authority
  • obtain assistance in relation to the new employment or industrial relations laws
  • incorporate or commence a business, trust, partnership or enter into a joint venture
  • resolve a dispute in building and construction
  • resolve a family law or child welfare dispute
  • defend criminal, traffic or regulatory infringement charges
  • obtain compensation for personal injuries or property damage caused by the unlawful or negligent conduct or failures of others or as a victim of crime

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With our focus on you achieving your goals, we advise on all forms of commercial agreements, contracts, deeds and trusts and can help you minimize risk, avoid problems, negotiate and represent you to resolve disputes should they arise.  Where appropriate we will use our expertise as commercial litigators to help you.

We have a registered migration agent who is available to assist you to come, stay or work in and migrate to Australia.

In appropriate cases, we will agree to take on your matter, on a ‘no win no fee basis’.

We offer an efficient and effective debt recovery service where we will pursue the recovery of your debts from the letter of demand, to the commencement of legal action, to the lawful seizure of assets or property and liquidation.

We have over 30 years experience in conveyancing throughout Australia and are now able to offer our legal professional services to you at competitive rates in the Darwin and Palmerston region of the Northern Territory. If things go wrong, we have the qualifications and experience to quickly resolve any dispute

Facing a criminal offence in court can be a daunting and devastating experience. Without professional legal advocacy, you could risk your future, your earning-capacity and your freedom. Every case is unique and we are committed to achieving the best outcome for our clients.  

When a marriage or de facto relationship breaks down, we face not only having to separate our most intimate and emotional life from the other but also having to divide custody of any children and property of the relationship  This can be a very difficult and confusing time. We can help at Jude Lawyers.  

Personal Injuries include diseases, fatal, prenatal, psychological and physical injuries and the aggravation, exacerbation or acceleration of a pre-existing injury.  If you have been injured, contact us.  

Know your rights and obligations at the workplace, within community organisations or when providing or acquiring goods, services, land and accommodation.  We can help you before the Fair Work Commission, the various state and federal human rights tribunals and the Courts.

We can help you prepare for the future, provide for your loved ones and protect your surviving family members against possible claims. We can also advise and help you on your family property structure, the establishment of tax efficient testamentary trusts in your Will and any Power of Attorney.

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In a claim for compensation for personal injuries before the NT Supreme Court, we successfully acted for an injured US Citizen who was awarded over $2M in damages