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Need to speak to a lawyer urgently?

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Call us to make a Telephone Appointment on 08 89418229
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FOR PIECE OF MIND If you need to speak to a lawyer urgently or want an initial consultation by telephone, we offer a telephone consultation service.  If necessary, we may request that you send us relevant documentation by fax or by email beforehand.

After some discussion, we may request you attend our office in person and in such case at our discretion, extend your consultation service either at no charge or at an agreed charge.

If we consider you need legal representation and/or otherwise need to retain a lawyer for a longer period, we will advise you and give you an estimate of our legal fees.

Before you purchase a QTC, ring us on 08 89418229 or email reception@jude-lawyers.com.  We always need to  check that we do not have a conflict of interest or that we practice in the area of law that you require.

We aim to deliver our QTC Service within one business hour of payment or at a time suitable to you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Telephone consultation

30 mins - $225.00

Ring or email us before paying.

We aim to deliver our Quick Telephone Consultation service within one business hour of payment or at a time suitable to you.

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