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Conveyancing Dispute

As Solicitors and Barristers we have conducted litigation to resolve numerous property and conveyancing disputes.  With us as your conveyancer, we can foreshadow and take steps to avoid problems.  If however a dispute arises, as your litigation specialists we can take immediate steps to resolve it.



We have over 20 years experience in conveyancing throughout Australia and are now able to offer our legal professional services to you at competitive rates in the Darwin and Palmerston region of the Northern Territory of Australia.

You can trust us as experienced lawyers to safely and efficiently handle your conveyance.  Even in the event that things go wrong, we have the qualifications and experience to quickly resolve any dispute and protect your interests.  

Between June and December 2018, we will provide residential property conveyancing services to sellers and buyers who click on the Facebook Like button to the right of this page, for a discounted professional fee of $1,200.00 plus Disbursements and GST.  We estimate that in most residential cases, the discount will mean that the seller or buyer will pay under $1,600.00 all in, which represents a discount of around $110.00 on average off our normal rate.  This offer is also open to buyers of DHA and Off the Plan properties.

This offer is for standard conveyancing services for sellers and buyers of residential properties around Darwin and Palmerston and does not cover any dispute, conflict or extraordinary complications which may arise.  The professional fee excludes Disbursement (telephone, facsimiles, postage, photocopying, and out of pocket expenses) and GST.


It is unlawful for a conveyancer to pay an estate agent or finance broker for a referral.  Such a secret payment immediately creates a conflict of interest in the conveyancer.  Although illegal, such activity does unfortunately occur in the industry.  This is why we assure you that when you engage us, we will apply the highest ethical standards and act only for you and in your best interests.

Our trust accounts are externally examined, independently audited and are subject to the strict rules of the Legal Profession Act

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