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"I worked until I got injured badly.  Now I can't work anymore!"

If unsure of your entitlement to benefits and compensation under the law, come and see us for independent legal advice

Just because an insurer assesses your claim and denies or even admits liability, you may still not get your full compensation entitlements or access all the benefits available under the appropriate compensation scheme.

In most cases, we will agree to take on your matter, on a 'no win no fee basis' 

Personal Injuries Compensation

-Personal Injuries include diseases, fatal, prenatal, psychological and physical injuries and the aggravation, exacerbation or acceleration of a pre-existing injury

We provide Services in the following areas:

  • Workplace / Workers Compensation Claims
  • Motor Vehicle Claims
  • Comcare (Commonwealth/Agency employees/ADF members)
  • Military Law (Veteran's Entitlements / Comcare / MRCA / Sexual Abuse)
  • Medical Law
  • Asbestos dust and diseases
  • Public Liability
  • General Personal Injury / Common Law Compensation

Compensation can include:

  • A Lump sum to compensate for an assessment of percentage of whole person permanent impairment
  • Weekly payments for loss of income
  • Payments for Medical and associated expenses
  • Payments for Personal care attendant expenses
  • Payments for building access renovations and adaptive equipment
  • Rehabilitation and return to work associated schemes


"While on holiday in Australia I broke my back in a car accident. Now I am a quadriplegic in my home country with no income and many large hospital bills to pay"

Just because you are resident overseas and injure yourself while in Australia, it does not mean you are not entitled to compensation.

We at Jude Lawyers have acted for overseas clients who have injured themselves on working holidays or while on tour in Australia. Despite initial denials of liability we have been successful in obtaining substantial million dollar compensation payments for our clients.

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